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Monday, November 3, 2008


The last few weeks have been crazy around here. We moved out of our apartment and in with Melissa and Sean until our house is built. We have all adjusted really well to our new living situation. Here are lots of pictures to enjoy! (Sorry - some of the pictures are out of order.)

Daddy and Hudson carving his 1st pumpkin! Hudson liked watching, but he didn't want to put his hand inside. He said it was yucky!

Our tired Dr. He had enough Trick or Treating.

Out Trick or Treating. Hudson didn't really like it. The first costume he saw was a scary one.

Hudson and Mimi. Happy birthday Mimi! (Halloween is her birthday!)

Hudson with his BIG cousin, Kaleb.
Look at our precious Dr. Hudson Carnes! He thought he was so big.
You can sort of see his name on his scrubs.

Hudson with his best friend, Ethan. Ethan was a cowboy. His parents moved to Texas 2 years ago. We think Ethan is taking this whole living in Texas thing seriously!