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Thursday, June 30, 2011

HIS Kids Camp

This past week Hudson had HIS Kids Camp at our church.  He loved every minute and loved the fact that Mommy & Daddy were not there!  Even though his teachers were Aunt Mel & Ms. Jennifer.

He had a blast!  They did arts & crafts, story time, played outside, pretend played, practiced for "The Big Show" and much more!  A funny story that I want to remember...they were playing restaurant.  I believe that Hudson and Ms. Jennifer were on a date.  The "waitress" was taking their drink order.  Jennifer ordered a tea and then Hudson responded with he wanted a beer.  Oh my!  What kids ears pick up!!
Hudson at "The Big Show".  They had cute songs with hand motions that go with it.  Of course our child didn't want to do the hand motions, he just stuck with singing with the occasional head bounce.

I know that Hudson is already looking forward to next year!

Father's Day

Father's Day weekend we spent time with Papa & Nana hanging out by the pool.  It was nice and relaxing!  We are blessed to have 2 incredible fathers and Hudson is beyond blessed to have Bryan as his daddy!
Hudson & his sweet daddy
Hudson & Nana
Loving being in the water!
Nana, Hudson & Papa
The turkey wouldn't take a picture with me, but posed by himself!
Practicing fishing.
Wiped out!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hudson is having a...

and this is how we feel!  We are thrilled to be adding another little boy to our family, but MOST importantly we are adding a healthy little boy!

We saw the specialist yesterday and our little boy, Maddox Lee, looks perfectly healthy!  We are beyond thankful that God has blessed us!  Please continue to keep both Maddox and myself in your thoughts and prayers for the rest of the pregnancy that things will continue to go smoothly.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last day @ Nonni's

How can it be that today was the last day that Hudson will go to Nonni's??  It seems like just yesterday I dropped him off and he looked like this (but with clothes on)...

3 years of blessings later...

I couldn't imagine someone better to look after Hudson.  Nonni was such a blessing to Hudson and our family.  She is an amazing Christian woman who LOVES her job!  It was beyond a comfort for us for Nonni to watch him after both of his surgeries.  She was so gracious to allow Hudson to stay a year longer than normal because of his heart surgery this past summer.  I thank God that he lead us to her and feel incredibly blessed that our new little munchkin will be able to stay with her too!  Thanks Nonni for everything you did!  We love you tons!!

The boys (Ethan, Hudson & Hunter)