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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let me start out by saying that Hudson has by far THE BEST BABYSITTER EVER! Nonni is like a grandma to him, he loves her so much (and so do Bryan and I)! (There are 5 kids there: Hudson 2, Scarlet 2, Ethan 18 months, Hunter 20 months, baby Hunter 10 months.) Do not judge...

Yesterday Nonni called as I was pulling out of the parking lot at school. Of course the first thought in my mind was, "oh no, Hudson has a fever." I answered with hesitation and Nonni proceeded with -

Nonni: "what shoes did Hudson come with today?"
Steph: "Hudson had his tennis shoes on."
Nonni: "Oh my! - I put Hudson's shoes on Hunter, Hunter's shoes on Ethan, and Ethan's shoes on Hudson! I thought those shoes were too small for Hudson!"

Let me tell you...Ethan is 14 months younger than Hudson and Hunter is a few months older than Ethan.

Today I picked him up and said "Oh no Hudson, what did you do to your shirt?" (He was wearing one I had never seen.) Nonni put baby Hunter's clothes on Hudson and Hudson's clothes on baby Hunter! Poor Nonni, she already needs a vacation!