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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Pictures...


Hudson, me, and Kaleb at the zoo

Hudson attempting to brush an animal at the zoo, he thought it was funny!

Mam & Hudson - what a sweet relationship he has with his Mam!

Swimming at the pool this summer.

Brynlee in her swimming suit at the pool.

Chance at the pool.

The Gang minus Roan

Kaleb at the beach this summer.

Hudson and Kaleb

Hudson and Kaleb in Kemah

my tired boy after an afternoon of swimming

Chase - our friends Travis & Kristi's little boy

Kaleb on the boat concentrating very hard!

Brynlee at her mommy's birthday party!

Hudson's last night in his baby bed.





Like I said these were some random pictures that I wanted to share!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Wow how time flies! My sweet nephew, Kaleb, turned 5 yesterday! He is getting so big and definitely becoming Mr. Independent. He's not a huge fan of giving his Aunt Steph kisses anymore (I'm sad about that!). Hudson loves to follow him around and thinks that on his birthday he is going to be "five like Kaleb".

Happy Birthday Kaleb! We love you!