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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Perfect Heart!

You are looking at a little boy who has a *PERFECT* heart!
This past Friday we had Hudson's 6 month post-op with Dr. Sapire, his cardiologist.  (I am ALWAYS extremely nervous when we have to go, always fearing that something may be wrong again.  Daddy seems to always be the positive, sure one.)  We went in and Dr. Sapire listened to his heart.  He said it sounds wonderful.  (Keep in mind that his whole life we have known that he has had heart problems.  This was/is music to our ears and hearts!)  This appointment was an echo.  Let's just say with some bribery (thanks Nonni for the lollipop!) Hudson finally cooperated and let the sweet lady do the echo.  It seems like it takes forever, especially because we have NO CLUE what we are looking at.  After waiting in the room a while, Dr. Sapire came in.  The moment of truth..."His heart looks marvelous."  That's what he said!!  He said that there is NO leakage anywhere, his heart looks wonderful and everything is functioning as it should!!  We were one happy mommy & daddy!  Our next check-up with the cardiologist...1 year!!

Thank you everyone for all of the prayers & support you have given us the past 4 years!  We are so thankful that God has answered our prayers and healed our sweet boys heart!  I always said I wanted Hudson to be *perfect* (yes, he has always been perfect.  We just wanted his heart to be perfect to!) and now he is!!  Praise God!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 4th birthday Hudson!

Hudson's birthday is November 28th.  Just finished this post, almost 2 months late...not bad huh?!?!
Wow!  I can hardly believe my "baby" turned 4!!  I feel like just yesterday he was born...I blinked my eyes and he is a little boy, not even a toddler!  Hudson is such a blessing in our life and we are BEYOND blessed that he is our child!

*on his actual birthday*

Hudson is obsessed with The Polar Express.  So this summer we decided that for his birthday we would take a trip to The Polar Express in Palestine.  (That's a whole other post to come!)  So instead of a big 4th birthday party we opted for a small family/friend party.

Our family

Nana & Hudson

Pop, Mimi & Hudson

Papa, Nana Holly & Hudson

Kaleb, Aunt Alicia, Hudson & Uncle Jason

Hudson & Aunt Mel

Uncle Sean & Hudson

The DeLicIoUs cake!!
*Nana Holly makes his birthday cake every year, we love it!!*

Hudson cracked us up this year.  He was genuinely excited about EVERY gift he received!!  Just look at that big smile on his face. 

We had a wonderful time celebrating Hudson's birthday.  We are beyond blessed with wonderful family & friends!  We can't wait to see what the next year brings!

*Weighs a big 31 lbs & is 39 1/2"
*Can spell his whole name
*Recognizes almost every one's name in our family
*Writes part of his name and can write Pop & Mimi
*Still LOVES to sing
*Loves to color and is very detailed
*Favorite color is pink (that's what he said when I asked - haha!)
* Best friends are Ethan, Hunter & Scarlet
*Loves playing with his cousins Kaleb, Chance & Brynlee

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in October

Probably since last Christmas when we would ask Hudson what he wanted to be for Halloween
he would say Santa.  We laughed and thought that he would change his mind.  After months of asking and getting the same answer, "I want to be Santa" we decided that Santa it would be!

Isn't he the cutest Santa you have ever seen?!?!

Sadly that is the only picture that I got of Hudson dressed in costume.  Hudson is very frightened of Halloween.  He only wanted to trick-or-treat at my parents house...he would go to their door, ring the bell and say "Trick-Or-Treat".  If a scary person would come to the door, off Hudson would go hiding.  Next year I decided instead of spending money on a costume that he will only wear at my parents I will buy him a cute Halloween shirt!!

Halloween is also my mom's birthday so, happy birthday Mimi!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! (After talking to my sister-in-law about blogs I have decided to attempt this blogging thing again.  Simply to remember the moments of my sweet Hudson because they are passing so quickly.) It's crazy to think that it is already 2011.  2010 was a crazy and BLESSED year.  We are praying for a year full of blessings & great moments!!

Bryan & I in Cozumel (March)

Bryan, Ryan & Travis

Lindi, Kristi & me

This is the restaurant Bryan & some friends ate at before our wedding.

Happy 1st Birthday Chance & Brynlee!  (March)


Count down to Hudson's 2nd (and hopefully last) heart surgery.

Family pictures with Nana, Aunt Mel, Uncle Sean & the kids

Family pictures with Mimi, Pop, Uncle Jason, Aunt Alicia & the boys.

Day 2 after Hudson's heart surgery.  You're looking at one BRAVE boy! (June)

Kaleb started Kindergarten!

Santa made an appearance in October!

Polar Express for Hudson's 4th birthday with family & friends!

So excited to see Santa after a 4 hour 15 minute wait!!

Candlelight Service

Prayers for a happy, healthy & JOYfilled New Year!