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Friday, February 11, 2011

Simple Joys

Hudson, my dad, me & Mam (his mom)

I am so incredibly blessed to be almost 30 (gulp!) and have a Mam (grandma) who is very active, healthy and with it at a young age of 86!  Every year she comes and spends about a month with us during the summer and every other year she spends Christmas with us.  She was a HUGE help after each of Hudson's surgeries.  Helping to entertain him so that I could have a few moments of peace.

Mam & Hudson

This little boy ADORES his Mam more than I could of ever imagined!  (He has a pretty special place in her heart too!)  Hudson can convince Mam to be baptised a hundred times, build a playhouse, do a flip, play church, hide in a dark closet, build blocks, share her favorite treats, drag her to the boat parade in crazy wind and "take" a nap.  I pray that he will always remember these special moments with a very special Mam!

Mam & Hudson @ Kemah Boat Parade

Is she not precious?!?!

I attempt to be the good granddaughter and call her once a week.  This week I called and she immediately went into a story that I thought was so Mam that I needed to document it so that I will always remember it!

me: Hey Mam, how are you?
Mam: I'm doing great!  I did something crazy today...
me thinking: Oh no, did you go sky diving???
Mam: When I was brushing my teeth today I realized how much I like the new cap on the toothpaste.  I looked at the back of the tube and saw an 800 number.  It said please call with any concerns or comments and I thought that I should call Colgate and let them know that I like the new cap.

(conversation with the Colgate representative)
Colgate: How can I help you?
Mam: I just wanted to call and let you know that I LOVE the new cap on the toothpaste I use.
Colgate: Well thank you so much!
Mam: Please don't ever change it, I really like it.
Colgate:  Thank you so much, I appreciate you calling, I will pass this along.

(back to me)
Mam:  The best part Steph was that they sent me a big thing of coupons!  I got 2 coupons for free toothpaste and several for 75 cents off!

Oh how I love that lady!!  I love that she finds joy in the simple things!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hudson's FIRST *Crush*

Hudson LOVES the attention he gets from all the little girls at church!  We have already decided that we are going to have one big flirt on our hands (much like his daddy)!  He loves being chased around church by these girls.  They are all so sweet!

Audrey, Rebecca, Hudson, Camryn, Kara, Maddie Claire

But, let me tell you...my son gets red in the face and giddy when he sees her...

this boy LOVES him some Camryn!!  As I sit here typing this he is giggling and wanting to see her picture!  Anytime we talk about Camryn he firsts lets us know that she is "his girlfriend"!  Sorry Hudson, I think that the "older" boys will beat you on this one.  He also wants to clarify that his girlfriend is "the big Camryn", not "the little Camryn" that plays at Emma's house.  (Which is his cousin.)  

I love the Hudson loves Camryn so much.  I babysat Camryn and her older sister, Myklyn, when they were little.  It makes me feel old watching her with my child!