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Monday, February 23, 2009


I ran across a blog this afternoon of a newborn, Andie, who is going to have heart surgery. As a mom who has been through the ups and downs, I ask that you shower them with prayers.

Smarty Pants and Babies...

I have to brag on my smart son. Hudson is just over 2 years old and he can spell his name! Bryan & I play on the magnadoodle with him and write his name and spell it, "H-U-D-S-O-N". So now when you ask him how to spell his name he promptly tells you, "H-U-D-S-O-N".

Last night we were talking about who everyone in the family is. I pointed to Hudson and he told me "Hudson Lee Carnes". I pointed to Bryan and he surprised us with his response, "Daddy Carnes". I pointed to myself, "Mommy Carnes". We are so proud of him knowing his full name!

By the way, the passi situation has gotten much better! Last night he picked up the no more pacifier book and told us no passi!

On a different note, my sister-in-law, Melissa, will be 35 weeks tomorrow. She is carrying twins and has had no complications through this pregnancy. Please keep them in your prayers as the babies arrival is quickly approaching. Chance & Brynlee are apparently over 5 pounds a piece. Please pray that the babies continue to grow big and strong and that when the time comes that her delivery is quick and free of complications. We are so excited to meet the 2 new blessings of our family!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Yesterday Bryan & I were blessed to spend the afternoon with Brad & Jenny and about 25 of their family and friends praising our mighty and faithful God. If you don't know their story I encourage you to look at their blog. Through all of the trials that they are going through, their faith continues to amaze me. The strength that Jenny has is indescribable, I admire her. Please continue to shower this family with your prayers for complete healing, physical comfort for Brad, and strength for the family.

Thank you Brad & Jenny for letting us be a part of your worship!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bye - Bye Passi

Oh my goodness...no one told us that taking Hudson's passi away would be so hard. Before he was a year old we took his bottle away cold turkey, no problem. This adventure just began Sunday night. We decided that Hudson should give his passi's to his baby cousins (Chance & Brynlee) that will be here soon because he is going to be the BIG BOY! We bought a book talking about how it is so much fun without passi's and we've been telling him that soon he will be a big boy and big boy's don't need a passi. Yeah right! Last night we put him to bed at 8, 8:30, 9, 9:30 and finally 10:30. Everytime we layed him down he would start screaming (I mean the type of screaming that your voice changes pitches!), "Mommy passi, Daddy passi". Our poor baby! I think it's harder for us because it would be so easy to give Hudson what he wants and for all of us to sleep! Any advice for us?