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Thursday, April 30, 2009

"He's going to kill you..."

That's what Bryan said when I took this...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cardiologist Update

I took Hudson to the cardiologist last Tuesday by myself because it was just “a 6 month check-up”. We had an echo and EKG done. The Dr. saw something on the tests and told me that he was taking his case to the board. The last time he did that was when surgery was decided upon. Of course you could imagine when Dr. S told me he was taking the case to the board I went into panic mode. I talked to Dr. S Friday afternoon and he told me what it appears to be. (I’m not sure if he told me it’s a side effect (not common) of VSD or VSD surgery.) There is a “muscle bump” that is forming on the wall of the right ventricle which is causing turbulence, more than should be. His hole that he has (in between his right and left ventricle by the hole that was patched during surgery), which we know he has, is in that same area, but still should not be causing much turbulence at all! What it boils down to is that what is now a “muscle bump” could grow into a muscle band and divide the right ventricle into 2 chambers. If that occurs then we would have to go have the muscle removed, meaning surgery yet again. As you can imagine this is the last thing that Bryan and I want for Hudson. We are praying in faith that God will choose to heal Hudson’s heart completely! Please pray this with us! We go back in 6-9 months to TCH to have an echo in their lab (we see Dr. S at the satellite clinic in Clear Lake normally). The results of that test will show us what step we take next. Our prayer is that we get to share with everyone the miracle that God performed on Hudson’s heart to heal it! As you can imagine as soon as I got in the car after Tuesday’s appointment I told Bryan that never again would I go to a cardiologist appointment alone! Please keep us in your prayers.

Of course this is an answered prayer alone that this new diagnosis is nothing that needs immediate action!

We love you all!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Hudson was so excited that the Easter Bunny came to visit! We were coming downstairs and he spotted his basket, trying to hold off until Bryan was in the room I took him to fix breakfast. As soon as I put him down he dashed off to see what he had!

Hudson is his Easter jammies!

Hudson & Mommy getting ready to leave for church. Opps! Forgot that I didn't have lipstick on yet!

The Carnes Family at church.

Hudson & Kaleb - it's impossible to get a good picture of the two boys. (I didn't even take a picture of the twins, but they sure were precious!)

Ready to hunt eggs in the house, it rained all morning.

My family.

Pop & Hudson releasing a butterfly. We were suppose to have a butterfly release at church, but because of the rain we couldn't. We brought our butterflies home and let them go. The boys loved it!

On a side note, Hudson goes to the cardiologist tomorrow for a 6 month check-up. Please keep us in your prayers!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who does he get this from????

Nothing like a 2 year old riding down the road feeling the need to be talking on a cell phone!